On 18 June 2020, Vivacity announced that it is handing its contract back to Peterborough City Council as a direct result of COVID-19. We are now working together to reopen services.  You can find the latest information here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Gym memberships
Venue hire and parties
Key Theatre
Key Theatre Technical Information
Swimming at Vivacity
Heritage sites and services

Most Common

What impact is COVID 19 (Coronavirus) having on Vivacity services?
What does Vivacity do?

Vivacity is a charitable trust that was formed in 2010 to run many of Peterborough's sports, leisure, arts and heritage sites. Vivacity is a not-for-profit organisation, meaning that we reinvest surpluses from our commercial activities into the city. Therefore in being a member of one of our gyms, attending a show at the Key Theatre, or buying a coffee at the museum, you are helping us to do more for Peterborough.

What does my Vivacity Card offer?

Your Vivacity Card offers a number of benefits which include the following:

  • Free Swimming for the under 5's
  • 10% off entry to the Lido in the summer
  • 10% off special selected event days across all heritage sites for Vivacity Card holders
  • 10% off admission for Longthorpe Tower & Flag Fen
  • 10% off hot beverages in Squires Coffee House at Peterborough Museum
  • Open+ out of hours access to the library

What sites does Vivacity operate?

We operate Peterborough Museum, Flag Fen, Longthorpe Tower and the Key Theatre. We also run the city's libraries and our gym and leisure facilities include Vivacity Premier Fitness, the Regional Fitness and Swimming Centre, Jack Hunt Pool and Gym, Werrington Leisure Centre, Hampton Leisure Centre, Bushfield Leisure Centre, Peterborough Lido, the Embankment Sports and Athletics Arena, St George's Community Hydrotherapy Pool and Bretton Splash Park.

We also operate a number of events for the city such as Fireworks Fantasia.

What charitable work does Vivacity deliver?

Vivacity is involved in a number of community and charitable activities across the city.

Our health and wellbeing programmes for people recovering from or living with health issues such as cardiac illness or cancer. This programme has so far helped over 18,000 people in the Greater Peterborough area.

We also run an all inclusive sports day each year in June, offering a range of sports and activities for children with a range of disabilities. This attracts over 120 participants each year.

Our reading development team provides a school outreach programme through our libraries and mobile book bus, engaging with over 13,000 children and adults each year.

How much does the Vivacity card cost?

The Vivacity card is free, please visit one of our venues for further information.

Do you offer donations?

Unfortunately we are unable to make donations as we are a charitable organisation.


What are the benefits of working with Vivacity?

Vivacity offers a wide range of opportunities and the chance to work for a charitable trust that engages in both commercial activities and a number of charitable and community programmes that benefit the city of Peterborough.

Visit our jobs page to see the current available opportunities and apply.

Where can I view available roles?

You can view all of our current roles by visiting our job page.


Why volunteer for Vivacity

Volunteering with Vivacity is dynamic. You can get involved in all sorts of things, from family activity days to heritage events, supporting our libraries to getting active at our sports sites - there's something for everyone. 

Volunteering is a great way to socialise and meet new people.

Be part of a community as you promote the vibrant culture of Peterborough. 

Feel good by giving something back to your community.

Gain a wide range of skills including;

Enhancing your CV

Experience in a range of sectors

Boost confidence and people skills. 

Who can volunteer?

Almost anyone can volunteer, provided that your application is successful, and where necessary a DBS check is completed. We provide equal opportunities for everyone who volunteers with us. 

What is the minimum age to register as a volunteer?

To register as a volunteer, you need to be a minimum of 14 years old.

What volunteering opportunities does Vivacity have?

You can take our volunteering quiz and find out what volunteering roles might suit you. 

We also offer volunteering opportunities for corporates and other organisations to enable their teams to contribute to the communities of Peterborough.

How do I become a volunteer?

To start your volunteering journey - simply visit vivacity.org/volunteer, fill out our form, and a member of the team will contact you to arrange an informal interview. In this interview you will discuss your reasons for volunteering and the team will help you to find the best place in Vivacity for you. Depending on the role, we may also need you to complete a DBS check.

How much time do I need to give?

We have a range of roles, some requiring 1 hour a week, others needing more time or a longer term commitment, one-off events or school holiday activities. In your informal interview with Vivacity, the team will help to place you into a role taking into consideration your time commitments. You can give as little or as much time as you’d like!

Do I need any skills?

Enthusiasm, motivation and a smile are the best start! With the range of volunteering roles that Vivacity offers, we have something for everyone - whether you have skills or not. Some of our roles require specific skills and others are more flexible.

What will happen on my first day as a volunteer?

After your informal interview with our volunteering team, a mutually convenient induction will be arranged and you will receive a welcome pack with everything you will need to start with Vivacity! You will have a volunteer contact/manager whom you will have an induction with before starting your role.

If I start in a role and don't like it, can I change roles?

Of course, if you want to try something different then let the volunteer team know and we can discuss other suitable roles that may be available within Vivacity.

Can I volunteer with a friend?

Yes, provided that there is a suitable role available for you both, at the times you would like to volunteer.

Can I choose my role?

We have a wide range of roles at Vivacity and if you have a specific area or role that you are interested in, our volunteering team will do their best to place you in your desired role. 

Gym memberships

Where are Vivacity's gyms located?

Vivacity operates Vivacity Premier Fitness and Hampton Leisure Centre in Hampton. Others include Regional Fitness and Swimming Centre, Bushfield Leisure Centre, Werrington Leisure Centre, Jack Hunt Pool and St George's Hydrotherapy Pool. For further information click here.

How do I join a gym?

Vivacity operates a number of gyms across the city, ensuring that we have a gym close to your home or place of work. For further information on our memberships please click here.

Do you offer corporate gym membership discounts?

We do offer significantly discounted rates for corporate members. To benefit from these, we do require 20 or more memberships. To find out more about our corporate memberships please contact us on 01733 864 000 or via email membership@vivacity.org

Can I access all Vivacity gyms under one membership?

You are able to access all of our gyms under one membership. We have a range of memberships to suit all requirements and budgets, which you can view here.

How do I book gym classes?

You can view and book all of our gym, fitness and swimming classes in one easy place on our website. Please click here

What are your gym prices?

We have a range of gym membership options to suit all locations and budgets. These can be viewed here.

How much does swimming cost?

We have a range of swimming offers and classes to suit your budget. Find out more about our range of swimming options here.

Can I cancel my gym membership?

We are sorry that you are thinking about leaving us. If there is anything we can do to change your mind, please get in touch and we'll be more than happy to help you. Please complete the form.

Venue hire and parties

Do you offer venue and room hire?

We have a wide range of venue and room hire options across Peterborough. You can view these here.

Do you offer children's birthday parties?

We have a number of exciting venues and options for children's birthday parties and these can be found here.

Key Theatre

How to Book

Book online

To book online, select your preferred show and performance, and then choose your seats. You will need to log in or register for an account with us.


Book By Telephone

Our friendly and helpful Box Office team are on hand to assist you with your telephone bookings. The team will also be able to offer advise on seating or access requirements, and answer any other questions you might have. Unable to get through or called up during closed times, you can still leave a message and the team will get back in touch with you as soon as possible. 

Telephone 01733 207 239

or email us with your query (we will respond within 5 working days)

Email key.theatre@vivacity.org


Book in person

If you'd prefer to book your tickets in person, visit our Box Office team at the Key Theatre, you could even make an afternoon of it and stop at the Chalkboard Tea Room and Bistro. 

Do I have to pay for children under 2 years of age?

Children under 18 months are counted as babes in arms, you do not need to book an individual ticket for them, just let the box office know you are attending with a child under 18 months. 

How can I buy gift vouchers

You can by gift vouchers over the phone, by calling the Box Office 01733 207239 or in person at the box office. 
The gift vouchers can also currently only be redeems over the phone or in person. 

Receiving your tickets

You can choose to receive your tickets by either post or by collection prior to the show.


By Post (£1 fee)

Your ticket(s) are posted to the account holders address. This £1 fee covers the postage and packaging.


By Collection (free)

Your ticket(s) are made available for collection from the Box Office, if collecting on the day of the performance please give yourself plenty of time before the show starts. 

Can I book shows online?

You can view all upcoming shows online and book these whenever you want. Alternatively you can call the box office at the Key Theatre. 01733 207 239 or email key.theatre@vivacity.org

What can I do if I've been locked out of my account?

If you cannot access your online account, please contact the Box Office on 01733 207239 or email key.theatre@vivacity.org

How can I reset my online account password?

You can reset your online account password using the password reset function. Instructions to change your password will then be automatically emailed to you.

Do you charge booking fees?

Due to legislation regarding booking fees, we have tried to make it simpler and more transparent for you, our customers, to make decisions when you book tickets.

The advertised ticket price is the total price you pay, with any fees included. This makes it much clearer when purchasing your ticket as there will be no additional transaction, processing or handling charges applied over and above the advertised ticket price. There will be a 'per ticket booking fee' included in the total ticket price and an optional £1 postage charge can be added at the point of payment if you choose this option. Your receipt will show the face value of the ticket and the booking fee separately and they will equal the total advertised ticket price.

For the majority of performances at the Key Theatre, there will be a booking fee of £1.50 per ticket included in the advertised ticket price (not included on community hires, amateur productions, family films or the annual pantomime). This fee is vital as the whole booking fee is retained by the venue (unlike the actual ticket revenue, the majority of which goes to the artistes and company involved in the performance), helping us to continue to deliver the wide range of performances and arts in the city, and maintain a convenient ticket booking system for our customers. The booking fee enables us to ensure that you will enjoy the best possible customer experience when you buy tickets from us and visit our venue, as well as helping to support the work that we do and keeping the theatre open and accessible.

Am I able to cancel a booking?

Tickets must be paid for at the time of booking. Reservations are only available for groups of ten or more and payment must be received one month before the date of the performance. If you require an invoice to raise payment, this will be sent to you once the initial reservation has been arranged; detailing the expiry date on it.  When your reservation is due to expire, we will make every effort to contact you to remind you of the payment date.  If we are unsuccessful in our attempts to contact you via the contact details you have provided, or we do not hear from you by the time the reservation has expired, we will release your reservation without further notice or communication.   

We do not usually offer refunds for tickets that have been booked and paid for.

Can I park at the Key Theatre?

Parking at the Key Theatre is pay and display and spaces are limited. However further parking is available nearby and Regional Fitness and Swimming Centre which is also pay and display.


up to 3 hours - £1.00

4 hours - £3.30

7 hours - £5.50


Vivacity Gym Members (Permit Holders ) FREE - 3 hours maximum Entry

Please press the yellow button followed by the green button. This will give you a free ticket to display next to your permit (Permits can be obtained from reception)  


We also offer a handful of disabled parking spaces directly outside of the Regional pool.


Pleasure Fair Meadows 0.4miles (8 min walk to the Key Theatre)

Pleasure Fair Meadow
Oundle Road


Mon-Sun - All day
1 Hour-£1.00




When are Pantomime auditions?

We usually look for a number of children to participate in our annual pantomime and auditions are typically held in the summer. Please email panto@vivacity.org to find out more.


Disabled parking adjacent to the theatre

Wheelchair Spaces

Automatic doors

Disabled toilets

Lift to the first door

Hearing loops

Guide-dogs welcome

What time does the bar open?

The Bar opens 1 hour pre-show (performances)

On a Silver Screening or family film bar will open 30 minutes before the show

Key Theatre Technical Information

Who can I contact in regards to regards to technical information at the Key Theatre

David Griffin-Stephens - Technical Manager

Where can I find the main theatre lighting circuit?

Please contact David Griffin-Stephens - Technical Manager

What is the technical specification of the Main Auditorium?


Thrust stage with easy access between stage and auditorium.  No safety curtain. No physical proscenium arch, the lighting grid is exposed both over stage and audience. Black hard flats (“tormentors”) define the downstage sides of the stage.

Overall width including wings: 20.7m (68ft)
Overall Depth including 2.4m (8ft) thrust: 10.6m (35ft)
Tabs to back gauze: 7.2m (23ft 6ins)
Proscenium opening: 11m (36ft)

Minimum overhead clearance is dictated by structural ironwork at 5.9m (19ft 4ins).  Overall height from stage floor to roof 8.2m (27ft).  A sloping ceiling upstage reduces the height from 8.2m to 5.9m over a span of 3m.

The stage floor is black plywood with no rake.

360 raked seats with side aisles.  Seating capacity is flexible for disabled patrons and reduced by up to 16 seats if a technical desk is required within the seating. This should be booked as part of the contract.


10 winched bars operated by power drill from stage left fly floor, including 6 IWB LX bars. . The bars are laid out in in 3 sections; 4 in the downstage bay, 4 in the mid stage bay and 2 in the upstage bay. The upstage bay is under the sloped roof and so has a lower maximum height of approximately 6m. The remaining bars will fly to approximately 7.5m. These do not fly live due to noise and speed.

There are 4 fixed curtain tracks on the back wall at approx. 5.5m (18ft) including 1 black gauze, 1 white gauze and the star cloth. A selection of tracked bars are usually rigged and can be used with prior request.

House tabs are red, running across the setting line and are operated from the prompt corner.

Full masking is possible with hard black flats or soft black legs on an up & down E track on each side. There is no top masking. A black traverse curtain is available approx. 5m (16ft 4ins) from the back wall, operated manually from the fly floor.

Stage Management and Operation

Sound and lighting control are from the control box at the back of the auditorium.

A prompt desk is located stage left with infra-red and standard visual feeds, an audio monitor, cue light control and paging microphone. Up to 10 cue lights are available on request.

Communication headsets are available stage left and right, on the fly floor and for sound, lighting and followspot positions.



Stage Left                                            Stage Right
2x 16 amp single phase                     1 x 32 amp single phase
2x 32 amp single phase                     3 x 63 amp single phase
2x 63 amp single phase                     1 x 63 amp three phase

Control Room
2x 16 amp single phase
2x 32 amp single phase
2x 63 amp single phase

Various 13 amp supplies are available around the stage area.



Control and Dimming

ETC Gio Console with 2x20 fader wing
One universe of DMX controls in-house dimming and house lights
ETC Sensor+ dimming racks hard wired to circuits (see plan)
32 15A non-dim outlets (see plan)
2 * DMX tie lines from stage right to control box (one wired for pins 1-3 only)

Follow Spots

2 * Robert Juliat Marius 8.5/16 degree 1200W discharge with 6 way colour changer

Lantern Stock


ETC Source 4 15/30 zoom


ETC Source 4 25/50 zoom


ETC Source 4 Junior 25/50 zoom


ETC Source 4 50 Degree Fixed Beam


ETC Source 4 26 Degree Fixed Beam


Selecon RAMA Warm White LED Fresnel


CCT Minuette Fresnel


Thomas 4-way Asymmetric Cyc Flood Bars


ETC Source 4 PAR (Medium Lens)


RGB LED starcloth


Every Lantern has a colour frames and all shutters etc. where applicable.

All Fresnels have operating barn doors

A selection of Gobo holders and iris’s is available for all 3 types of profile. Please ask in advance to check we stock enough for your show.

An in-house stock of Lee Filter gel and assorted gobos are available.

Socapex and 15A extensions/grelcos are available on request


See plan for fixed and flown internally wired bars. It is worth noting that the central bridge in the auditorium (Circuits 61-78) is only suitable for Source 4 PARs due to Structural constraints.

All Lanterns have hook clamps, a number of long drop clamps and other rigging options are available on request.

In addition:
12 * floor stand
4 * Spigot light stands (1.5-2.5m)

2 tank traps and boom arms is available on request.

Atmospheric Effects

All effects will be charged in addition to venue hire. Please advise in advance as we cannot guarantee to stock enough fluid for all machines.

Le Maitre MVS Hazer
Martin Glaciator Low Fogger
Look Solutions Viper Fog Machine


Lighting bars over the stage can be lowered to working height for rigging. Access for focusing is providing using a Tallescope. Additional staff may be required if the Tallescope is to be used in order to meet minimum staffing requirements.

Front of house lighting bars are accessed via catwalk for both rigging and focusing.

Audio Visual

One projector is installed focused at the Cyc or at a drop down screen midstage. This is available to use at additional cost on discussion with the technical manager. It is available with a VGA input from either PS or the control box.




Control, Effects and Playback

Control from either control box or auditorium using Digico SD9. One SD-rack in the box and one on stage with analogue tie lines available across the stage and up to the box.

In control room:
1 x Tascam MD-350 mini-disc player
1 x Denon DN C630 CD player
1 x Yamaha SPX2000 Multi-effects Processor
1 x Lexicon MPX 100 Dual Channel Processor

Multicores for visiting sound systems can be run up either side of the auditorium.

PA System

Left-Centre-Right setup.
3 x EM Acoustics EMS-81X (centre fills from catwalk)
2 x EM Acoustics MSE-159 (1 either side of the proscenium opening)
2 x TurboSound TXP-118 Subs (1 flown either side of the proscenium opening)


4 x HK Premium Pro 12M (Passive)
2 x HK Premium Pro 15X (Passive)

Additional small effects speakers or personal monitors are available on request.

Microphones, Stands etc.

Our microphone stock includes:
6 x SM58
6 x SM57
4 x AKG C1000s
1 x Audio Technica AT8010
4 x Sennheiser E604
1 x Sennheiser Evolution E602-II
2 x AKG SE 300 B shotgun microphone
2 x Crown Audio PCC-160 boundary microphone
6 x LDI Active DI boxes

2 wireless microphones are available at additional cost.

A Selection of stands is available with clips for our own microphone stock. This includes:
12 x standard boom stands
4 x straight stands
6 x small boom stands
2 x table top stands

Grand Piano

A Steinway Grand Piano is available to hire by prior arrangement. The theatre can also arrange for tuning for the piano.

How much is it to hire technical equipment?

Available at additional cost (please contact Technical Manager for availability)
Casual crew for get in/fit up etc per hour £18.00
Additional performance staff per hour £18.00
Follow spot operators per hour £18.00
Get out staff (Main house) first 2 hours £82.44
Get out staff (Main house) per hour after that £41.19
Get out staff (Studio) first 2 hours £41.22
Get out staff (Studio) per hour after that £20.61
Piano hire £35.00
Piano tuning £80.00
Flip chart pad and pens £15.00
Projector and screen £35.00
Costume Storage - after get out per day £75.00 - £150.00
Programme Commission - Theatre sell 15%
Company sell 10%
PRS variable
Ticket Printing per ticket £0.05
Lite Deck per unit £10.00
Transport at cost
Radio Mic per unit £35.00
Batteries per unit £0.50
Heavy Fog Machine per day £20.00
per week £50.00
Smoke Machine per day £15.00
per week £35.00
Hazer per day £17.50
per week £40.00
Fluid for the above per 0.5 Litre £10.00
Pit (if required to be installed by theatre staff outside of agreed get in time) £150.00
Pyrotechnic controller and pods £15.00
Pyrotechnics charged at cost plus 15% admin cost
Starcloth (Subject to being purchased) per day £30.00
per week £75.00
All prices listed are excluding VAT

What is the lighting patch information?

DMX Addressing

Universe 1





Sensor+ Dimmers

Matching house circuit numbers


Non-dim relay circuits

Matching circuit numbers


RGB Starcloth

See below


Apollo Right Arm Mk1

Mode 6 – SR


Apollo Right Arm Mk1

Mode 6 – CSR


Apollo Right Arm Mk1

Mode 6 – CSL


Apollo Right Arm Mk1

Mode 6 - SL


House Lights

Aisle House Left


House Lights

Aisle House Right


House Lights

Over Seating


Backstage Working Light

Park @ 03%


Backstage Working Light

Park @ 03%


Control Box Working Light

Park @ 03%


MVS Hazer

Non-Dim 2 for power (302)


Standard Lighting Circuits

Colour 1 (Red)

Colour 2 (Amber)

Colour 3 (Blue)

Colour 4 (Pink)

Back Light

















Over Stage Pipe Ends



































Cyc Floods

Colour 1 (SL)

Colour 2

Colour 3

Colour 4 (SR)






















Apollo Right Arms


Mirror Ball

GIO patch







SR – 481



HL Light



CSR – 486


HR Light



CSL – 491






SL - 491




Tab Warmers









LED Star Cloth

(use red numbers to patch as RGB heads or patch individual channels)























Top Middle

















Bottom Middle


































What is the technical specification of the Key Studio?

Please see here for the Studio DWG plans (you will need to be able to open DWG. file to view this)

Equipment cannot be transferred from the main auditorium.

The studio seats 112. The acting area is approximately 10m wide and 6m deep. The fixed lighting grid is at 5.5m. The stage is surround on three sides with black 2m legs allowing a small backstage space.


Control and Dimming

ETC Expression 3 console
Single universe of DMX controlling all in-house equipment
24 channels of ETC Smartpack Dimming hardwired to grid (see plan)



ETC Source 4 Fresnel

(Normally Circuits 7-24)


ETC Source 4  Junior 25/50 zoom

(Normally Circuits 1-6)


A Selection of Gel is available for use.

Chauvet LED Pars provide house lighting and a full stage wash. These cannot be moved or re-focused.


All lighting in the studio is accessed via Tallescope for rigging and focusing. Additional staff may be required if the Tallescope is to be used in order to meet minimum staffing requirements.


Audio Visual

One projector is installed focused at a screen up stage. This is available to use at additional cost on discussion with the technical manager. It is available with a VGA or HDMI input from the control box or VGA from stage. 5.1 or Stereo Sound available.



Playback and Control

Allen and Heath MixWizard 12:2 Mixer
One Tascam CD 160 MKII CD player
One Tascam MD 350 mini disc player (with auto pause)

8:4 Multicore from USC to control room


Turbosound active speaker system installed with flown boxes each side, controlled from Control room.

Two active 12” Turbosound Monitors are available.


A small selection of microphones and DI boxes is available by prior request, along with stands. As standard there will always be the facility to playback using a 3.5mm jack.

Swimming at Vivacity

Where are the swimming pools operated by Vivacity?

We operate swimming pools at Vivacity Premier Fitness in Hampton, the Regional Fitness and Swimming Centre and the Jack Hunt School. We also operate the St George's Hydrotherapy Pool.

Does Vivacity offer swimming lessons?

We offer a wide range of swimming lessons for all ages and abilities. You can view these here.

What are the swimming prices?

You can view our swimming prices and timetables here. Pool access is included in many of our gym membership packages.

How do I cancel swimming lessons for myself or my child?

If you need to cancel swimming lessons please complete the cancellation form or contact swimacademycancellations@vivacity.org with your name (child name if applicable) and the membership number associated with the swimming lesson. 

Or write to:

Swim Coordinator

Regional Fitness & Swimming Centre

Bishops Road




For more information please see swim academy membership terms conditions

Can I cancel pool fitness classes?

Once pool fitness classes have been booked, we do not offer refunds on classes.


How do I sign up to a library?

Become a library member to enjoy borrowing books and using other library services and materials across all the Vivacity Peterborough Libraries. Membership is free to Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire residents and if you work or study in the Peterborough area. 

Ways of joining:

Online Joining Form

If you join online your membership card will be available for collection at the library you have chosen.


Register at your nearest Vivacity Library (within Staffed hours) 

Whether you chose to book online on in person, Peterborough Libraries will need you to bring two separate documents, one showing your name and address and one showing your signature.

The following forms of identification are accepted to obtain a library card:

  • Signature
    • Driving Licence
    • Passport
    • Bank or Credit Card
  • Name And Address
    • Driving Licence
    • Receipted bills for: Gas, Electricity, Water, Telephone Bank/Cheque Card
    • Council Tax Installment Book
    • Bank Statement
    • Medical Card

If you’re 16 or under, a parent or legal guardian’s address and ID is fine, and they will be responsible for borrowed items and any late return fees.



What should I do if I can't return a book before it's due back?

If you are unable to return your book before the return date you can use the online facility to renew. Click here for further information.

If you are unable to renew online due to another customer reserving the book, you will need to take the book back to the library on the due date requested.

Alternatively you can call our automated system 08458505606


contact your local library

I've returned a book but it's still showing as overdue. What do I do?

If in doubt contact your local library

Sometimes books might take a couple days extra to come off on our systems. 

Does Vivacity offer an archiving service?

Yes, our archives services can be found here

Are there any charges for using a Vivacity library?

To avoid charges for overdue returns, please return or renew your items on time.

If you give us your email address on registration, we can send you a reminder to let you know when your items are due.

Hire charges

Top Title DVDs – £2 for 2 days. (Not renewable)

All other DVDs – £2 for 21 days. (Not renewable)

(Overdue DVDs will be charged at £1.00 or 70p per day respectively.)

Music CDs (not available in all libraries) – 90p for one week hire. (Not renewable)

Spoken word, e-books and downloadable audio books – all FREE to borrow.


Overdue charges

Adult books – 20p per day (to a maximum of £7.50 per book).

Children’s books – 5p per day (to a maximum of £3.00 per book).

Children’s picture books – No charge

DVDs – £1 per day for top titles. 70p per day for all other titles.

Music CDs – 25p

Adult talking books - 20p per day (to a maximum of £7.50 per title).

Junior talking books – 5p per day

Note: overdue charge is per item per day on which the library is open to the public


Miscellaneous pricing

Requested items

Request charge for an item already in stock in Peterborough Library – 50p

Request charge for an item from a SPINE partner Library service – £2.00

Request charge for an item from another Library service or the British Library – £4.50

Request charges for music scores – 1-30 copies – £15, 31-60 copies – £25, 61-90 copies – £30, 91-120 copies – £35, 121-150 copies – £40, 151-180 copies – £45 Orchestral sets – £15

Charge for uncollected items from another Library service or the British Library – £4.50

Membership Card

Lost card charges adult – £1.25

Lost card charges child – 50p


Fax sent to UK – 70p per page

Fax sent to all other locations – £1 per page

Fax receive – 40p per page


Photocopies A4 black/white – 10p per sheet

Photocopies A4 colour – 50p per sheet

Photocopies A3 black/white – 20p per sheet

Photocopies A3 colour – £1.60 per sheet


Printouts from microfilm/microfiche A4 black/white – 50p per sheet

Printouts from microfilm/microfiche A3 black/white – 80p per sheet

Computer printouts A4 black/white from Internet – 30p per sheet

Computer printouts A4 colour from Internet – 50p per sheet

Computer Sessions

Computer use by a library member after 1st hour – £1.40 per hour

Computer use by a non library member- £1.40 per hour


Posters & advert display charges: local, noncommercial – No charge

Posters & advert display charges: other A5 – £1.20 per week

Posters & advert display charges: other A4 – £1.80 per week

Posters & advert display charges: other A3 – £3.50 per week

Small ads, business – £1.60 per week

Small ads, personal – £1.10 pert week

What can I do if the library service doesn't have the item I'm looking for?

If you trying to find a book that you cannot find in the library and you have checked the online catalogue you can make a suggestion via this form.


What is SPINE?

SPINE is regional library services working together to offer you more.

SPINE was formally established in 2011 between Cambridgeshire and Suffolk library services.

Vivacity Peterborough Library service became a full member of SPINE in 2017. We are now offering cross border lending with Cambridgeshire and Suffolk libraries as an extra service to our customers.

How do I become a SPINE member?

If you would like to use other libraries in the SPINE partnership in person, you need to tell a member of staff to let them know that you are happy to share your membership record (personal data) with other library services in SPINE. They will then 'tick a box' so that the library system knows that you want to be able to use the full range of services on offer. You only need to do this once.

Or, if you only want to reserve items and collect them from a Peterborough Library, then you do not need to give consent for other library services to see your personal data in your membership record / account

How do I borrow an item from SPINE?

A new option has been added to the online catalogue to allow customers to search the catalogue of other SPINE partner library services. (Click on “Try this search in the Suffolk Libraries and Cambridgeshire Libraries (SPINE Partners) Catalogue” at the top of your search results page) Once you have found the item you want, you can request it online (you will need to be logged into your account).

Or, you can visit any library in SPINE to borrow stock from theirs.

Or you can ask a member of staff on duty to help you reserve an item.

What stock can I borrow from SPINE?

Fiction and non-fiction books, DVDs and CDs and Spoken Word can be borrowed (with some exceptions). Customers cannot reserve Games (Nintendo) from Suffolk, items held at Cambridgeshire’s Library Access Points, mobile libraries, Peterborough’s Book Bus, Suffolk Children’s Centre’s and stock in some other special collections cannot be reserved.

E-books, e-audiobooks and e-magazines are not included in this arrangement.

How long will it take to get my item?

It will depend on whether the item is already on loan or whether other people have already reserved it. If they have you will be placed in the queue to borrow it when next available. There will be regular deliveries between the library services and then it will be distributed to your selected pick up location.

How is my item issued to me to borrow?

SPINE stock can only be issued by a member of library staff. Unfortunately it cannot be issued using self-service.

How do I renew an item?

Items can be renewed using your online account in the usual way.

Or you can visit any library within SPINE and ask a member of staff to renew the item/s for you.

How do I return an item?

SPINE stock can be returned to any of the library services in SPINE, but needs to be returned by a member of library staff. Unfortunately it cannot be returned using self-service.

How long can I keep an item for?

You can borrow an item for the same length of time you would borrow the same item from your 'home' library service. Most of the loan periods are the same in the SPINE library services.

What charges will I need to pay?

It costs £2 to reserve an item from another authority in SPINE.

If you have visited another library in SPINE and borrowed an item then you will pay the fees and charges advertised for the service you borrowed it from.

If you reserve a SPINE item and collect it in your 'home' library service, then you will pay the fees and charges advertised for the item in your 'home' library service.

This applies to any loan fees for items such as DVDs and CDs and overdue charges on any item.

Which library services will send me notices?

If you visited another library in SPINE then that library service will send you notices; if you reserved and collected from your 'home' library service then they will send your notices.

What do I do if I have lost or damaged an item borrowed from SPINE?

The same rules apply to lost and damaged items from library services in SPINE as they do in your 'home' library service. If this happens, please do not worry, just speak to a member of staff on duty.

Heritage sites and services

Are school bookings available at Vivacity heritage sites?

For any school bookings please email vivacityforschools@vivacity.org for further information.

Can I park at Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery?

No, unfortunately there is not visitor parking available at Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery. There are lots of city centre car parks within walking distance of the museum. If you would like more information on reserving our 1 disabled parking place, please contact us on 01733 864 663 or museum@vivacity.org

Can I park at Flag Fen?

Yes, there is ample parking, including disabled places, at Flag Fen.

Can I park at Longthorpe Tower?

Yes, St Botolph's church in Longthorpe kindly allow visitors to Longthorpe Tower to park in the church car park. From here, it is a short walk to the tower.

Do you offer an identification service? 

Unfortunately we are not able to offer an identification service for all items. However, if you have discovered an archaeological object (over 300 years old - mostly found by metal-detector users, but also by people out walking, digging their gardens or whilst going about their everyday work), you can make an appointment to find out more, and register it with the Portable Antiquities Scheme (see below).

What is the Portable Antiquities Scheme?

The Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) is a voluntary programme to record small finds of archaeological interest found by members of the public. The scheme funds the posts of Finds Liaison Officers (FLOs) at county councils or local museums to whom finders can report their objects   Find out more at  https://finds.org.uk/; contact details for Cambridgeshire's FLO are in the 'Contacts' section of this website.   

When is Flag Fen open to the public?

Flag Fen is open seasonally, from April - September. During these times, the site is open daily 10am-5pm (last entry 4pm). During the closed season, access to the site is only possible on a private guided tour. 

When is Longthorpe tower open to the public?

Longthorpe Tower is open seasonally, from April - October. During these times, the site is open Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays 10am-5pm (last entry 4pm). During the closed season, access to the site is only possible on a private guided tour.

Can I bring my dog to Flag Fen?

No, unfortunately visitors are not able to  bring dogs to Flag Fen. We have livestock (rare breed sheep) on site, who are not used to dogs. The exception is support dogs, who must be kept on leads at all times please.

Is Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery wheelchair accessible?

The vast majority of Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery is accessible by wheelchairs. There is lift access to all floors, except the Victorian Operating Theatre which is on a mezzanine of our historic Georgian building. However, in the 'History of the Building' gallery on the first floor, there is an interactive table containing a 3D rendering of the Operating Theatre.

Is Flag Fen wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Flag Fen is wheelchair accessible, with pathways around the site and level access to buildings. Mobility scooters are also available to borrow from the Visitor Centre (we would recommend calling ahead if you will require borrowing a scooter to access the site, so we can reserve it for you).

Is Longthorpe Tower wheelchair accessible?

No, unfortunately Longthorpe Tower is not able to be accessed in a wheelchair. The entrance to the medieval tower is up an external set of wooden stairs, and access to the upper chamber is up another set of stone spiral stairs. 

Is there Wifi?

Wifi is available at Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery, but not at Flag Fen or Longthorpe Tower.

Can I take photographs?

Yes, you can take photographs at our heritage sites, however they must be for your own personal use. Commercial photography may incur a charge - please contact us for more details. Please abide by any restrictions signposted at our sites during your visit, as some artefacts and exhibitions are not able to be photographed. 

Can I buy lunch?

Squire’s Coffee House  Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery serves soup, sandwiches, paninis, savoury snacks, cakes, biscuits and hot and cold drinks. The café at Flag Fen serves light refreshments such as savoury snacks, sandwiches, cakes, biscuits and hot and cold drinks. Please be aware that no food is prepared on site at Flag Fen and the café holds limited stock. If you are a group of 20+, or would like something specific, please get in touch with us to discuss pre-booking. There is no on-site café at Longthorpe Tower.

Do I have to book for afternoon tea in Squires Coffee House at Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery?

Yes, please ring Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery reception for more information, and to book.

Do you have gluten free/Vegan options?

Yes - at Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery, Squires Coffee House has regularly changing . Flag Fen offers a very limited selection of gluten-free/Vegan options. There is no on-site café at Longthorpe Tower.

I have an item I wish to donate, what do I need to do?

Please contact Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery reception in the first instance, and they will be able to direct your enquiry to the appropriate member of staff. We apologise, but we are not able to accept items donated via reception, without an appointment. We need to make sure we have all the relevant information about artefacts to enable us to catalogue and care for items.


What are the Archives?

The Archives Service preserves and provides access to all kinds of useful archive information and materials about Peterborough. It’s not only a useful resource, it’s also a great way to learn about the city’s history.

To find out more information on our Archive services please click here.

We recommend that you contact us and make an appointment prior to visiting to ensure we are able to assist you and have capacity that day. You can call us on 01733 864160 or email archives.services@vivacity.org

We are based in Central Library:

Peterborough Archives Service, Central Library, Broadway, Peterborough, PE1 1RX.



When is the Archives open to the public?

We recommend that you contact us and make an appointment prior to visiting to ensure we are able to assist you and have capacity that day. You can call us on 01733 864160 or email archives.services@vivacity.org


Archives Services Opening Times:

Monday: 10:00am - 1:00pm (by appointment only 2:00pm - 5:00pm)

Tuesday: 10:00am - 1:00pm (by appointment only 2:00pm - 5:00pm)

Wednesday: 2:00pm- 5:00pm

Thursday: CLOSED

Friday: 10:00am - 1:00pm (by appointment only 2:00pm - 5:00pm)

Saturday: CLOSED

Sunday: CLOSED


How to use our Archive Service?

Before you visit Central Library you can view our Online Catalogue which contains descriptions of resources held in our collections. Currently this covers over 4,500 catalogue entries covering many aspects of Peterborough’s history.

Once you found what you are looking for plan your visit to our archives. The Archives Service is based in the back right hand corner of the Central Library on Broadway in Peterborough. We’re about a ten minute walk away from the railway station and bus station. There is no on-site car parking but you can use the multi-storey at Queensgate shopping centre . We have coat hooks for outdoor coats and lockers for bags which we may ask you to use. On your visit if you require assistance a member of Archives will be available. 

Do I need to register to use the Archive service?

You do not need to register to use items from the local studies reference collection, microfilms of newspapers and parish registers on microfiche. 

All other items require you to have registered with the service. 

How do I register to use the Archive Service?

You do not need to register to use items from the local studies reference collection, microfilms of newspapers and parish registers on microfiche. All other items require you to have registered with the service. Registration involves filling out a simple form and showing us a proof of address. This can be something like a driving licence, bank statement or utility bill.

How do I find the Archive information I need?

There are paper catalogues of our most popular collections available to consult in the reading room. 

Descriptions of all our catalogued collections can be accessed onsite through our online catalogue. If you require further assistance searching the catalogue our archive staff will be available to help. 

How do you order Archive documents?

Once you know the items you wish to consult you need to fill out a document ordering slip. 

Completed slips should then be handed to a staff member who will retrieve your document. Document retrieval normally takes around ten minuets and is done on demand. 

Once you have finished with an item, return it to the staff member at the Archive desk.

How many Archive documents am I able to consult at a time?

You are normally only allowed to consult one document at a time. 

You will also get instructions on how to handle the particular document that you have ordered will be handed to you along with your document. 

Why are some Archive items restricted and how do I access them?

Access to some documents is restricted in line with the wishes of depositors, the Data Protection Act, or due to the condition of the documents. Normally these are indicated on our online catalogue. However, staff may advise you of other restrictions when you are with us.

If you wish to consult an item that has an access restriction then please speak to a member of Archives and we will endeavour to accommodate your request as best we can or advise you where else you can apply for the information you require.

How do I get in contact with the Archive Services?

You can contact our Archive Office via email or telephone:

Archives: 01733 864160

Archives Email: archives.services@vivacity.org

Are there any charges for the Archive services?

Peterborough Archives Service as part of Vivacity is a non-profit organisation. The income Vivacity generates helps preserve and make available the collections we hold. We do have copying and digital charges(which are listed below), as well as other services we can offer to help users gain access to our resources.

All our collections are available to access free on-site, if you are unable to get to Peterborough Archives Service we can do research on your behalf at a cost. We can look for information in the records we hold, including family history and local history resources. We often do checks in parish registers, census returns and local newspapers, as well as conducting more extensive research using our local history and archive collections.


Research service charges

Quick look ups:* £10

30 mins: £20

60 mins: £30 (£15 per half hour after the first hour).


*Searches and/or copies with precise dates given e.g. newspaper searches with exact date, price to include up to 5 photocopies if more than that copying charges to be added on top. If a digital image is required digitisation costs apply.



What are the charges for Reprographics?

Reprographic Charges

A4 black/white photocopies per sheet (minimum charge £1.50)


A4 computer printouts per sheet


A4 colour photocopies per sheet (minimum charge £1.50)


A4 microfilm/fiche prints per sheet 


A3 black/white photocopies per sheet (minimum charge £1.50)


A3 colour photocopies per sheet 


A3 microfilm/fiche prints per sheet (by post £5 min charge)


What are the charges for Digital images and Photography?

Digital Images & Photographs 

TIFF or JPEG image  (£3.00 for additional pages of the same item)


JPEG photograph image emailed to you (min charge £5.00)


Providing digital images on a CD + P&P


Images per frame (from your own camera)


Day pass of unlimited images (from your own camera)


Remote reprographic and digital orders come under quick look up charges for single items (see research service above) where reference numbers or exact dates are known, where they are not known and research is required the hourly rate applies. If it is an order with multiple items that amounts to over £10, standard reprographic or digital charges apply.

What are the Publication Charges (NOT copyright)?

Publication Charges (NOT copyright)

Printed material

(Books, periodicals, magazines or journals per image)

Black/white English language £25.00
Black/white World Rights £50.00
Colour English language £35.00
Colour World Rights £75.00

Educational /textbooks per image

Black/white English language £15.00
Black/white World Rights £30.00
Colour English language £20.00
Colour World Rights £40.00

Local non-profit individual/group publications incl. use in public talks

Black/white English language per image £3.00
Colour English language per image £5.00

Web Application publications (low res images only)

Commercial publications per image £40.00
Academic publications per image £20.00
Local Charity organisations per image £4.00

 Television, film and video

TV/film flash fee (up to 12 seconds) first use (five year rights) £75.00
TV/film flash fee – each repeat (five year rights) £38.00
Worldwide buyout of one image (all TV/media in perpetuity)  Contact us