Frequently Asked Questions

Gym memberships
Swimming at Vivacity

Gym memberships

What are the member expectations

Please follow our Gym Code to ensure that everyone can enjoy their time in the gym.

- Respect gym staff and other gym users. Please maintain personal space and hygiene in the interest of others. 

- Wear appropriate clothing and footwear, ensuring all footwear is clean. Footwear must be worn at all times when moving around the gym floor. 

- Wipe down machines and equipment after use. 

- Put equipment away when you have finished using it. Please tidy your space and areas used, putting any litter into bins provided. 

- Be mindful about the length of time you spend on machines. Please limit your time on machines and don't save machines during busy periods. 

- Ensure you are using equipment correctly. Take care not to drop, slam (apart from slam balls!) or throw the equipment.

- Report any equipment faults or concerns to the gym staff.

- Food consumption is strictly forbidden on the gym floor. 

- Use the lockers provided for personal property, including bags. Vivacity takes no responsibility for the loss or theft of personal belongings. 

- Only take photos or videos of yourself for personal use. Permission is required for commercial purposes. 

- Avoid use of mobile phones on the gym floor unless in an emergency.

- If you are unable to attend a class or appointment, please ensure you cancel at reception or on the app. 

- A £5 charge is applicable for lost EGYM wristbands. 

Speak to a member of staff if you have any concerns whilst using our venues.

Anyone in breach of our code of conduct may be refused entry. 

Where are Vivacity's gyms located?

Vivacity operates gyms at Vivacity Premier Fitness, Hampton Leisure Centre and Bushfield Leisure Centre. For further information click here.

How do I join a gym?

Vivacity operates a number of gyms across the city, ensuring that we have a gym close to your home or place of work. For further information on our memberships please click here.

Do you offer corporate gym membership discounts?

We do offer significantly discounted rates for corporate members. To benefit from these, we do require 20 or more memberships. To find out more about our corporate memberships please contact us on 01733 864 000 or via email

Can I access all Vivacity gyms under one membership?

You are able to access all of our gyms under one membership. We have a range of memberships to suit all requirements and budgets, which you can view here.

What are your gym prices?

We have a range of gym membership options to suit all locations and budgets. These can be viewed here.

How much does swimming cost?

We have a range of swimming offers and classes to suit your budget. Find out more about our range of swimming options here.

Can I cancel my gym membership?

We are sorry that you are thinking about leaving us. If there is anything we can do to change your mind, please get in touch and we'll be more than happy to help you. If you wish to cancel your gym membership please complete the form.

Swimming at Vivacity

Where are the swimming pools operated by Vivacity?

We operate swimming pools at Vivacity Premier Fitness in Hampton, the Peterborough Lido, Jack Hunt School and Stanground Sports Centre. 

Does Vivacity offer swimming lessons?

We offer a wide range of swimming lessons for all ages and abilities. You can view these here.

What are the swimming prices?

You can view our swimming prices and timetables here. Pool access is included in many of our gym membership packages.

How do I cancel swimming lessons for myself or my child?

If you need to cancel swimming lessons please complete the cancellation form or contact with your name (child name if applicable) and the membership number associated with the swimming lesson. 

For more information please see swim academy membership terms conditions